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Business Development & Partnerships

WRM™ helps you find perfect matches for your brand and Web3 strategies.

Forget the “fishing expedition.” WRM™ helps you better align with other brands, products and services.

The key to forging new partnerships is to have the evidence that there is a win/win for all involved – in target customers, shared values, and significant opportunity. WRM™ makes amassing that evidence easy.

Business Development and Partnerships

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See Clearly

Know who’s holding your coins/tokens or NFT collection, using your marketplace, & is most active in your community


Leverage smart segmentation to identify new opportunities that can be optimized through partnerships

Double Excitement

Create co-branded NFTs to deliver a unique value proposition with less friction than in the past


Our users rave about us

The team at Absolute Labs – already a track record in Marketing Technology – has built a super sleek and powerful Dashboard Analytics solution for all Web3 communities and projects which are looking to get deeper knowledge on their community & members.

Sebastien Borget
Co-Founder & COO

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