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Exchanges & Payments

Have what you need to stay top of mind and engaged with your users.

Competition is fierce. The landscape changes daily. “Share of wallet” takes on an entirely new meaning.

It’s not uncommon for a typical crypto investor to use multiple exchanges and many wallets. How do you make yours their first choice? Absolute Labs’ insights, segmentation and automation helps you deliver exceptional value, trust, and presence.

Defi Target Exchanges and Payments

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Stay Connected

Monitor portfolios and engage with users based on actionable data and insights

Think Omnichannel

Connect “traditional” CRM data with Web3 behaviors to gauge portfolio construction, interests and more

Exceed Expectations

Deliver added value in expected and surprising ways to drive conversion and loyalty


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Absolute Labs has created a powerful Wallet Relationship Management platform for Web3 native and Web2 companies looking to grow sustainably in Web3.

Austin Cain
Head of Partnerships

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