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Grow Your Crypto Customer Base

  • Identify visitors to your site with crypto wallets.
  • Engage them in real time with automated acquisition campaigns.
  • Grow customer LTV with value-rich loyalty marketing across web2 and web3 touchpoints such as in-wallet messaging, email, Discord and more.

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Visionary Brands

Identify & Segment Your Crypto Audience

  • Gauge your total addressable market of website visitors with crypto wallets
  • Discover high value, high priority segments based on purchasing power, buying patterns and more
  • Develop go-to-market strategies with higher propensity to produce ROI

Acquire New Customers Who Prefer Crypto Payments

  • Strategically target and tailor campaigns to engage, convert and retain wallet-holding visitors
  • Automate tailored offers/incentives via on-site pop-ups and notifications.
  • Grow your crypto clientele

I continuously find myself exploring Absolute Labs dashboards and uncovering new insights about TIME’s collections and the web3 space in general.

Keith A. Grossman

Create Loyalty Programs that Deliver True Value to Customers

  • Increase customer lifetime value (CLV) with deeper, more durable experiences
  • Reduce churn by targeting deep behavioral insights
  • Engage crypto customers across their preferred channels, from traditional platforms like SMS, email and social messaging platforms to innovative web3 channels like in-wallet messaging

Integrate Your Existing Marketing Tech Stack and Data

  • Seamlessly integrate your existing marketing platforms with Absolute Labs
  • Leverage existing customer data for omnichannel targeting and tactics
  • Surprise and delight high priority customers with web3 features like airdrops and NFTs

User Reviews

The team at Absolute Labs - already a track record in Marketing Technology - has built a super sleek and powerful Dashboard Analytics solution for all Web3 communities and projects which are looking to get deeper knowledge on their community & members.

Sebastien BorgetCo-Founder & COO

Absolute Labs is an enterprise-grade platform with features that are absolutely critical for any web3 company looking to reach and engage users.

Matthew Howells-BarbyCMO

I continuously find myself exploring Absolute Labs dashboards and uncovering new insights.

Keith GrossmanPresident

Absolute Labs makes Web3 audience research and segmentation so simple and makes the data actionable.

Anya ShapinaHead of Performance

Absolute Labs has created a powerful Wallet Relationship Management platform for Web3 native and Web2 companies looking to grow sustainably in Web3.

Austin CainHead of Partnerships

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