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Wallets hold the keys to Web3 engagement

And there’s no better way to manage wallet relationships than with Absolute Labs. A trusted, scalable and composable platform to drive customer acquisition, engagement and loyalty across Web3.

Add absolute WRM™ and be ready for anything.

  • Gain access to unparalleled customer and competitive insights
  • Benefit from complete interoperability with Web2 and Web3 data sources & channels
  • Bring CRM, customer data and market automation into a single platform

Proven & trusted

Purpose-built by a team with decades of experience in big data and marketing technology, Absolute Labs is trusted by some of the biggest brands in Web2 and Web3.

Wallets: The dominant force in Web3

  • Identity: from ecommerce to dapps and exclusive experiences, they are the new form of ID.
  • Connectivity: the “keys” to entering the metaverse, joining communities, accessing content and more.
  • Payments: they facilitate the exchange of crypto for goods and services.
  • Engagement: NFTs are passports to brand experiences.

Leverage 600M+ Data-Rich Profiles

Use on-chain analytics and first-party data to better target leads and organize ad spend. Gain insight into where your customers are, what they’re collecting, and what they’re passionate about.


Identify Actionable Audiences

Build audiences by wallet type, behavioral triggers, passion interests and more. Personalize cross-chain and cross-channel campaigns (web2 and web3) to drive user activity and assist sales.


Build Omnichannel Campaigns

Integrate Web3 and “traditional” Web2 assets. Monitor and activate target consumers. Reactivate dormant wallet customers with meaningful incentives such as reward tokens and NFTs.

Compatible & Scalable

The absolute WRM platform is enterprise-ready, with the connectors and APIs to seamlessly integrate with your existing martech stack, right now.

Absolute Labs: The Brilliant Web3 CRM That Caught Our Attention

MHC Digital Group

They are unique in how they are able to onboard large Web2 brands and enterprises to serve their wide-ranging customer bases.

Samsung Next

Their Wallet Relationship Management platform is a clear market leader in the burgeoning Web3 martech space.

Near Foundation

Reach new heights with WRM™

Don't wait any longer, get a live demo and take your customer engagement to new heights.