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Wallets hold the keys to Web3 engagement

And there’s no better way to manage wallet relationships than with Absolute Labs. A trusted, scalable and composable platform to drive customer acquisition, engagement and loyalty across Web3.

Add absolute WRM™ and be ready for anything.

  • Gain access to unparalleled customer and competitive insights
  • Benefit from complete interoperability with Web2 and Web3 data sources & channels
  • Bring CRM, customer data and market automation into a single platform

Proven & trusted

Wallets: The dominant force in Web3

  • Identity: from ecommerce to dapps and exclusive experiences, they are the new form of ID.
  • Connectivity: the “keys” to entering the metaverse, joining communities, accessing content and more.
  • Payments: they facilitate the exchange of crypto for goods and services.
  • Engagement: NFTs are passports to brand experiences.

Compatible & Scalable

Absolute Labs: The Brilliant Web3 CRM That Caught Our Attention

MHC Digital Group

They are unique in how they are able to onboard large Web2 brands and enterprises to serve their wide-ranging customer bases.

Samsung Next

Their Wallet Relationship Management platform is a clear market leader in the burgeoning Web3 martech space.

Near Foundation

Reach new heights with WRM™

Don't wait any longer, get a live demo and take your customer engagement to new heights.