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Product, Operations & Business Intelligence

Get the data to influence the product you offer, how you offer it, and the insights you glean.

Know where your customers have been and what they want with absolute WRM™.

Nothing is more essential than the voice of the customer, insight into actual consumer behaviors, and the ability to peer into the future. WRM™ provides the data and automation tools to get those critical views.

Flow Product Operations and BI

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You'll fall in love with what it can do

Mission Control

Manage alerts, set watch lists, see automated opportunity recommendations

Wallet Intelligence

Use pre-built dashboards to get actionable insights quickly that you can then apply to smart segments

Connect Dots

Combined wallet data with “traditional” CRM metrics to enhance your business intelligence tool of choice


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Absolute Labs is an enterprise-grade platform with features that are absolutely critical for any web3 company looking to reach and engage users.

Matthew Howells-Barby

Reach new heights with WRM™

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