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Reduce Churn

WRM™ meets an age-old problem for marketers – and wins.

It costs more to acquire customers than to keep them. WRM™ helps you stay focused on lifetime value.

Watching hard-earned customers abandon your brand in droves should be unacceptable, right? Well, one way to ensure that it doesn’t happen is to always be two steps ahead: with WRM™.

Reduce Churn

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Real Time Access

See Wallets as “decentralized databases” providing new insight into customer preferences and behaviors

Build Rapport

Community and loyalty are built with valued, continuous communication made possible with automated flows

Inspire Commitment

Granting a sense of “ownership” with NFTs is one of the best hedges against brand defection!


Our users rave about us

Absolute Labs makes Web3 audience research and segmentation dead simple. We are able to see what assets our valuable users own and identify adjacent audiences for partnerships and interoperability projects. We can easily create custom audience segments by combining onchain and internal engagement data and then engage those users through traditional CRM and airdrops.

Anya Shapina
Head of Performance

Reach new heights with WRM™

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