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Web3 Marketing Resources

Cutting edge insights to supercharge your Web3 growth

A Marketer’s Web3 Manifesto

  • Decentralization, trust and transparency are good things.
  • Web3 is not a trend. It’s many transformational technologies.
  • Transformational technologies zig and zag, but inevitably gain mainstream adoption.
  • Brands that dismiss the next generation of Internet do so at their own peril.
  • Growth is fueled by insights … insights are fueled by data… great data is made possible with analytical software and making data actionable is made possible with great marketing automation software.
  • Brands which go where their customers are – and want to be – evolve and grow. Those that don’t, get left behind.
  • Embracing Web3 technology now is not about fear of missing out. It’s about being two steps ahead … and winning.


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