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Think of it as millions of accessible marketing databases that you don’t have to “own”.
Blockchain technology radically changes the notion of how and where data is stored … and the ways in which it can be accessed – all while accounting for privacy and transparency. You have to be on top of it.

Customers are now stakeholders

Another radical notion: more than just asking your customers to buy from you, you can give them a say in how you go to market and even what it is you choose to sell and how you sell it. With “ownership” comes a greater sense of being invested in your brand.

The Absolute WRM™ Platform puts you in control of it all with a full suite of capabilities that integrate on-chain data, “traditional” customer data with wallet data, and more.

An entirely new currency for delivering delight and value

From crypto to NFTs, marketers now have what they’ve coveted forever: a “universal” currency with high perceived value and behavioral pathway. Absolute Labs provides the data, automation tools and code to unlock it all.

The absolute Wallet Relationship Management™ Platform

Early adopters of crypto, the Absolute Labs team is on a mission to help blockchain technology succeed at democratizing data, expanding access, and redefining how value is rewarded.

Our goal: to help millions of brands, communities, and customers to embrace, implement, and be eager to use their Web3 wallets to unlock incredible opportunities and experiences. And WRM™ gives marketers the tool they need to connect with them.

A Proven Team with a Profound Vision

As pioneers of no-code mobile app development, active investors in web3 technologies, leaders in the integration of Salesforce and other platforms, and successful entrepreneurs, the Absolute Labs team brings the right combination of marketing know-how, software innovativeness, and operational expertise to fulfill a bold vision:

Help the world’s leading brands, and those that are destined to be great,
connect with their customers in Web3 – with trust, transparency, and a truly great experience central to it all.

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