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Harnessing the analytics, segmentation and automation capabilities of the Absolute Labs CRM platform

Use Cases:
  • Addressable audience segmentation
  • Brand engagement
  • Loyalty & rewards

How NFT Paris Leveraged its wallet data to drive loyalty for its events and build excitement for its sponsors

Harnessing the analytics, segmentation and automation capabilities of the Absolute Labs CRM platform.

Use Cases:
  • Addressable audience segmentation
  • Customer acquisition
  • Brand engagement
  • Loyalty & rewards

Customer Challenges

The competition to attract conference attendees and sponsors in a space as fast-moving and high-interest as Web3 is intense. NFT Paris has a legacy of creating marquis events; question it faces now: how to extend and build on its past success. For that, it needed deeper insights into who they should be targeting to attend for the first time, and how to reward prior attendees to return.

Customer Strategies

An analysis of the event’s prior attendee profiles in the Absolute Labs platform, and a partnership with Zealy for social engagement measurement, provided key insights into high-priority personas, and ways to enhance NFT Paris’ value proposition. Core to these strategies: the creation of a unique loyalty program.

Customer Results

The collaboration led to NFT Paris being able to:

  • Launch a loyalty program powered by the $NFTPARIS token, offering tangible benefits like ticket discounts, exclusive merchandise, and NFT drops.
  • Understand and segment their audience with over 127k wallets analyzed, tailoring communication to different personas such as gamers, art collectors, etc.
  • Utilize the social engagement metrics provided by Zealy to distribute rewards and recognize the most active community members.

Analytics Provide the Ticket to Key Insights

Factoring more than 80 metrics within the Absolute Labs platform’s audience insights and segmentation tools, we were able to identify key personas, providing insights into web3 maturity, buying power, NFT ownership, and interests.

By providing a clearer picture of the event’s ideal customer profile, NFT Paris could target with greater predictability those with a higher propensity to attend. Moreover, this insight made targeting sponsors and exhibitors more effective as well – providing new opportunities for customized campaigns by vertical, offering, community appeal, etc.

We're thrilled with the audience insights Absolute Labs has provided. It will be invaluable in helping us grow our attendee community and enhance the NFT Paris value proposition.

Alexandre TsydenkovFounder, NFT Paris

Transforming the Event into an Experience

The creation of an $NFTPARIS token as the centerpiece of a robust loyalty program provided a unique opportunity to extend the experience both on the show floor and beyond. Absolute Labs played a pivotal role in building out this value proposition and success in the distribution of the token and its activation strategies.

The multifaceted experience includes incentives for earlybird ticket purchases, active social promotion and other community benefits.

With the help of Absolute Labs Web3 CRM, our @NFTParis token is innovating how events like ours engage and reward customers. It's a critical component of our marketing stack.

Alexandre TsydenkovFounder, NFT Paris


  • WRM in partnership with Zealy’s social engagement measurement empowered NFT Paris to launch a targeted loyalty program using the $NFTPARIS token.

  • This collaboration resulted in a data-driven, personalized attendee experience, boosting loyalty, and setting a new standard for engagement in Web3 events.

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