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From CRM to WRM, Navigating the Future with Absolute Labs’ Wallet Relationship Management™ Platform

CRM has come a long way, from rudimentary record keeping, to data-driven targeting and complex martech stacks. The blockchain is the next “big thing” … necessitating a new kind of engagement.

There’s a saying by Yogi Berra, “the future isn’t what it used to be.” And in the rapidly-evolving realm of Web3, these words couldn’t be more apt. Jeff Kauffman, founder of Jump, a revered community and news source for forward-thinking marketers, explores this metamorphosis in the world of customer relationship management (CRM). In a recent article on Jump News, he delves deep into the history of CRM and introduces its revolutionary successor – Wallet Relationship Management™ (WRM™). And guess who’s spearheading this new dawn? Absolute Labs.

From the ancient days of merchants maintaining meticulous records of customers’ preferences to the digital renaissance brought about by Salesforce in the cloud software category, CRM has always been about fostering relationships. But with the advent of blockchain technologies and the seismic shifts of Web3, we’re on the brink of the next frontier: WRM™. A tool designed for a world that prioritizes privacy, transparency, and data sovereignty.

Absolute Labs’ WRM™ isn’t just a conceptual marvel; it’s a tangible solution for businesses eager to adapt to the Web3 landscape. The platform’s trifecta of modules – Insights, Audiences, and Flows – embodies the essence of this evolution:

  • Insights: A treasure trove of data, granting access to over 500+ million wallet profiles. Think about the unparalleled customer insights, all while preserving the sanctity of privacy and trust.
  • Audiences: A mechanism to create laser-focused customer segments. From differentiating high-value wallets in the Defi sphere to detecting dwindling user engagement, this tool is a marketer’s dream.
  • Flows: A game-changer in customer communication. With seamless integration of Web2 and Web3 channels, businesses can automate processes ranging from airdrops to community management.

As we ponder about the future of brand creation and Web3 marketing, one thing’s for sure: Absolute Labs’ WRM™ is setting the pace. The synergy of data-driven strategies, exact audience targeting, and automated flows promises not just to meet but exceed customer expectations.

Curious about the in-depth exploration of WRM™ and its transformative potential? Dive into the full article on Jump News and discover how Absolute Labs is shaping the future of customer engagement in the Web3 era.

Read the full article here.

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