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What do you say the very moment you’ve airdropped an exclusive NFT to your best prospects or customers in a high-growth segment?

Well, if you could message them directly in their wallet, it might be something along the lines of: Hey! Check out the NFT we just put in your wallet! It’ll get you some really cool surprises at our stores.Thanks for being a great customer!

Now, if you’re wondering: is it really possible to message people in their wallets – here’s the news:

XMTP – the instant messaging protocol that makes it technically possible to communicate with every wallet in the world – is now integrated into Coinbase Wallet, the most popular self-custody wallet worldwide. And with the Absolute Labs full-funnel Wallet Relationship Management™ (WRM™) marketing platform orchestrating your campaigns, you can segment and automate those messages to be targeted, contextual and part of a broader multi-channel strategy. At scale.

Welcome to marketing for the next Internet.

In enabling brands to communicate exclusively within Web3’s wallet-based ecosystem, and/OR integrated into more “traditional” Web2 channels, the partnership between these three groundbreaking innovations vastly expands the “playbook” for marketers to develop and execute a wide range of growth-driving strategies.

Here’s how it works:

  • Do your due diligence with the WRM analytics engine to gain insights into your prospects and customers by leveraging the vast public data on the blockchain with the platform’s extensive marketing overlays. Want to inject your own data into the platform for even deeper insights and actionability? No problem.
  • Define your most strategic/opportunistic segments
  • Use WRM Flows to automate your campaigns based on if/then rules such as behavioral triggers (NFT transactions, for example), changes in profile, wallet status, smart contract events and more.
  • Hook in XMTP to your Flows setup so you can include wallet messaging (DMs, notifications, alerts, etc.) in Coinbase Wallet.
  • Want to include email, Twitter, or other Web2 assets? You can.

At a high level, here’s what an integrated Flow might look like in Absolute Labs along with XMTP and Coinbase Wallet integration:


In this example, a leading brand uses a free NFT offer incentive to onboard customers to the Ethereum blockchain and Coinbase Wallet, and in the process update consenting customers within its database with a wallet address. Then, they’ve leveraged that NFT to help follow those customers into their physical and online stores, recognize their brand affinity/loyalty, and reward them with exclusives as an expression of appreciation and to motivate brand advocacy.

Integrating wallet messaging in the customer journey

DMs, alerts and notifications like these based on behavioral triggers have infinite possibilities. Moreover, here are some other ways to think about the use cases for wallet messaging:

  • Harmonization with social media: Wallet messaging enables direct, personalized communication, while social media platforms provide a broader reach, fostering community engagement and public conversations. Combining the two channels creates a full spectrum approach with public messages generating buzz and community, while wallet messaging fosters direct relationships and provides specific calls to action.
  • Email and newsletter campaigns: Email marketing remains a stalwart of digital strategy (at least for now!), providing detailed content and updates to subscribers. Wallet messaging can complement this by offering real-time, transaction-based notifications, reminders, or personalized messages that are more immediate and interactive.
  • Website and blog content serve as central hubs of information for in-depth product information, company news, and thought leadership. Use wallet messaging for timely, short, and personalized updates, thus driving traffic back to these platforms for more detailed content.
  • Events & Webinars: Use messaging to send reminders, personalized content, and post-event follow-ups, thereby enhancing the experience and maintaining the connection.

This is just the beginning. New integrations, including blockchain-based social media, are being developed and added at breakneck pace.

Consumers will have a lot to say about that.

See a demo of how you can put wallet messaging to work for your brand. Click here!

Coinbase Wallet was the first self-custody wallet to offer integrated XMTP messaging. It is the most popular and advanced wallet – representing a major milestone for marketing to reach prospects and customers in this new “channel.”

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