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Web3 is the next great catalyst of growth for retail and ecommerce brands. So it was only fitting that Absolute Labs – the leader in Web3 CRM and marketing automation – announced its partnership with Google Cloud at the 2024 National Retail Federation (NRF) show in NYC. With the Absolute Labs Wallet Relationship Management™ platform now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, brands have easy access to a full-funnel solution for accelerating their Web3 marketing strategies and generating new revenue streams.

The partnership is further evidence of the momentum building for brands to embrace wallet-based marketing and wallet-first strategies for acquiring a new generation of customers .. generating new revenue streams … and reimagining how loyalty can be encouraged and rewarded.

In Web3, Wallets Make the Register Ring

Brands worldwide trust Google Cloud with its enterprise-grade solutions, seamless integration and flexible terms to be the pillar of their digital transformation initiatives. In partnering with Absolute Labs, we’re thrilled to bring Google Cloud customers a purpose-built solution that provides access to 700+ million wallet prospects and customers to generate essential Web3 insights. Moreover, they can unify Web2 and Web3 data assets, automate cross-channel initiatives and orchestrate campaigns with integrated wallet messaging, air drops, email, Discord, Twitter, push and SMS.

“We’re excited to be a vetted partner on Google Cloud Marketplace, so that its users can easily integrate the solution and quickly realize its contribution to revenue growth, improved customer retention, new loyalty paradigms and more.” says our CEO and co-founder, Samir Addamine. “Gaining the trust and partnership of Google Cloud is yet another milestone on our journey to accelerate Web3 adoption and become the de facto standard for marketers building and executing campaigns in this exciting new space.“

Let’s Get Physical … and Digital

Leading consumer brands and retailers are looking to Google Cloud Marketplace and its comprehensive suite of solutions now including the Absolute Labs Wallet Relationship Management platform, to help them capture the transformative potential of Web3.

From reaching a new generation of customers, to capturing the considerable buying power of consumers with crypto wallets, to creating new ways to reward loyalty, it’s truly a game-changing time. The strategy of “phygitals,” in particular, has captured the imagination of leading luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and retailers such as Nordstrom.

A phygital combines elements of both the physical and digital worlds by linking experiences and products that seamlessly integrate physical and digital components. This can take many forms:

  • Purchasing a physical product which also unlocks a digital ID or collectible … or vice-versa.
  • Embedding an RFID or NFC (near field communication) device in apparel that links to a Web3 wallet and/or NFT that can be used to identify consumers for exclusive shopping experiences and offers
  • Link seller to consumer for post-purchase marketing and loyalty-building
  • Gamified experiences that capture consumer imaginations, extend their brand engagement, and add a new layer of interest and excitement in their purchases
For marketers, it opens an entire new “playbook” for achieving their acquisition, conversion and retention objectives – from “top of the funnel” strategies and tactics through optimizing lifetime value. Absolute Labs WRM can be instrumental every step of the way:

  • In assessing a consumer brand or retailer’s total addressable market with its Wallet Tracker – a simple pixel (SDK) that gets installed on a website or app to identify who among its visitors/users have a Web3 wallet
  • In gaining essential insights into the profiles and preferences of its customers who have an affinity for Web3
  • In creating actionable segments for targeting strategies and campaigns
  • In executing cross-channel campaigns – including retail activation, minting of NFTs, wallet messaging, and more.

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