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Introduction to Web3 Marketing

Constrained by the limitations of Web2 and seeking new channels for exponential growth? The modern martech stack has to evolve to keep pace with changes in how brands can target, engage and report on their efforts to build durable customer relationships.

For many brands, marketing in Web3 is in view, but the roadmap may not be clear given the emerging technologies and new behaviors that must be accounted for.

So here’s a quick guide to getting quickly up to speed, and ready to roll.

Why Traditional CRM Can’t Manage Web3

Today, you may have a CRM platform like Salesforce or Adobe Experience Manager. A CMS (content management system) like Drupal or Magento. And email marketing, social media and website analytics capabilities – to name a few.

But what you don’t have is the ability to do wallet-based marketing, or Web3 CRM.


  • Introduction to Web3 Marketing
  • Why Traditional CRM Can’t Manage Web3
  • The Solution: Absolute WRM Platform
  • Bridging the Web2-Web3 Gap
  • Setting up a Web3 Marketing Capability: Key Considerations
  • How to Choose the Best System Architecture for Your Brand

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