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  • Users of the platform can now select and filter data on a wide range of centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized applications (dApps)
  • Gain critical insights into individual wallet holders or custom segments on these exchanges and dApps without injecting custom data; no other platform has this
  • See all CEXs and dApps used in any time horizon for any parameter you view/filter
  • Target specific transactional triggers in designing and executing flows (marketing automation) – such as usage of specific NFT marketplace or CEXs

The Details

Any of these sound familiar? …

You have high value investors who are moving from your exchange to another … and then another. What’s their profile, and how do you get them back?

You see an influx of users to your dApp … but you can’t really ascertain why or where they’ve come from.

Or you want to target specific NFT holders within your dApp for a loyalty effort.

Now you can take challenges like these head-on within the Absolute Labs Wallet Relationship Management™ platform.

We’re excited to announce that CEX and dApp data is now integrated within the application, and easily accessible in gaining Profile insights, building your Audiences (segments), and automating campaigns within the Flows feature. This is a significant feature-add, particularly for CEXs, wallet or Defi protocols – as it provides a new level of insight down and actionability, across the entire blockchain.


Click on any wallet within the Profile tab and immediately see what exchanges that wallet has transacted on, how many transactions there have been, what dApps they’ve transacted within, and more.

CEX and Dapp

Data like this may be available in the aggregate elsewhere, but within the WRM platform, you can drill down to an individual wallet, or multiple wallets. This means you can essentially segment the entire blockchain.


Now, right out of the box, you can identify and segment your users by filtering by CEX or dApp use.

So, for instance, you can create a segment of your active users who made their first transaction with a competing protocol within [x] number of days, and automatically message and/or incentive them to prevent churn.

Or let’s say you’re a swap and want to identify users of another dApp – perhaps another swap. With a few clicks you can create a custom segment, a token swap or NFT buy for example, and inject it into a Flow based on any number of criteria or triggers.

CEX Opensea churn to Blur


Let’s say you’ve built a custom segment that includes all users of your staking dApp who have a particular token in their wallet (ApeCoin, for example), and have transacted on a particular CEX in the past 7 days.

If that particular wallet exceeds a value that is of significance to you strategically, you can message them via XMTP and boost their staking reward to acknowledge their transaction.
Or, if they don’t exceed the threshold, simply add them to a watch list for future engagement.

Automating this scenarios is quick and easy in the WRM platform:

CEX Incentivize or nurture new ApeCoin buyers

The use cases for monitoring and engaging CEX and dAPP data are vast.

Want to learn more? The Absolute Labs sales and customer success teams are ready to assist!

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