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Announcing Absolute Labs $8 Million Seed Raise

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We’re putting our foot on the gas to accelerate how brands acquire, engage, convert and retain more customers in Web3! 

Today, absolute labs are thrilled to announce that we’ve closed a seed round of $8 million, with the help of Aglaé Ventures, Alpha Praetorian Capital, TLF Ventures, Near Foundation, MoonPay, Plassa Capital, Punja Global Ventures, Samsung Next, Sparkle Ventures (Animoca Brands), and W3i. We are grateful to have the support of these incredible visionaries who share our excitement about revolutionizing CRM with our Wallet Relationship Management™ (WRM™) platform.

Already used by leading brands such as LVMH, The Sandbox, Moonpay, and Mocaverse (Animoca Brands), WRM is the only Web3 CRM solution empowering marketers to gain critical insights on prospects and customers, unify Web2 and Web3 on-chain data, identify actionable segments, and automate cross-channel campaigns including NFT airdrops across the entire marketing funnel.

“Existing Web2 CRM solutions are neither capable nor positioned to meet the requirements and opportunities of blockchain-based marketing,” says absolute labs CEO and co-founder, Samir Addamine. “Wallets hold the keys to everything Web3 – from proving identity, providing access to value-rich brand experiences, facilitating payments, creating “ownership” opportunities for customers and more. Any brand that recognizes the awesome potential of Web3 must have absolute WRM™ as a core component of its martech stack.”

Out with the past …


It’s been ten years or more since any significant advance in “traditional” CRM marketing technology – and it shows.

With a foundation built on cookies and email addresses, the true promise of “one-to-one marketing” has never truly been realized. Moreover, thorny issues of privacy, data integrity, the profitization of customer data, and the costs of automation have been thorny, to say the least.
“The entire ecosystem of Web2 stakeholders are in tension with one another,” says Samir.

Then along came blockchain technology, architected with the novel concepts of decentralization, full public transparency (or “trustlessness”), and consumer ownership and suddenly many of those issues seemed ready to be tackled head-on.

Problem is, existing Web2 marketing software simply doesn’t work well for Web3. And there hasn’t been a truly purpose-built, designed from the blockchain up, solution for Web3 CRM.

Until now.


In with the new: how Absolute Labs is building the future of CRM and marketing automation


We’re on a mission: to help the most mature, progressive brands, as well as the stars of the future, embrace Web3 and flawlessly execute their strategies for meeting prospects and customers where they want to be.

At the center of this movement are wallets: the way in which consumers will enter, engage, experience and evolve everything that is Web3. Driven by anonymity, trust, and new ways to engage with brands, consumers are now empowered to be investors, owners, members, participants and more – in ways never before technically possible.

It’s why we’re so bullish on WRM. Unlike other solutions that look to “shoehorn” wallet data into an environment that wasn’t built for it, we’ve designed our platform to be wallet-first, and natively tethered to on-chain data. While also bridging Web2 assets and enabling cross-channel automation, it is both ready now and future-proofed for brands building their Web3 business cases, piloting programs and deploying true Web3 CRM campaigns.

“Our data warehouse architecture is our ‘secret sauce,’”says CPTO and co-founder Antony Gardez. “Built by a team with deep experience in enterprise big data, it’s been designed from the ground up to support segmentation across Web2 and Web3 environments to enable true real-time marketing campaigns. Even as Web3 technology continues to evolve at its breakneck pace, we’re ready for anything.”

This is essential because all roads lead to and through the wallet when it comes to Web3 CRM. Brands count on deep insights into what types of folks are holding wallets and why, and how they are using them … depend on quality data and analytics to identify and target the most actionable segments … and look to a connected automation engine that can bridge Web2 with Web3, respond to behavioral signals and optimize relationships. “This is where the rubber meets the road,” adds Antony.

For brands on that road, it’s time to fly!



Here’s what some of our investor partners had to say about absolute labs:


Franck Le Moal, Chief Information Officer, LVMH: “We are delighted to work with absolute labs to explore Web3 data and how this can enhance client experience. Their solution will be pivotal as luxury and FMCG brands push further into Web3.”

Vanessa Grellet, Managing Partner at Aglaé Ventures: “We are delighted to support a pioneer that is directly at the crossroads of Web2 and Web3 technologies. absolute labs’ innovative ways to leverage data analytics, CRM and marketing automation supports the adoption of Web3 and creates opportunities for brand engagement.”

Julien Pageaud of Sparkle Ventures: “We have been a proud supporter of absolute labs since the beginning and are thrilled at the potential to purposefully bridge the largest and most successful Web2 companies to Web3 technologies. absolute WRM platform promises to provide an intuitive pathway for leading brands and emerging companies to engage with the growing number of Web3 customers.”

Abhay Mav, Head of Moonpay Ventures said, “Absolute labs’ vision of the WRM™ platform aligns strongly with our mission of making it easier for millions of users to experience Web3 and thereby onboard a billion users to Web3. We see their WRM platform as an essential component of the marketing ecosystem to support both native Web3 and Web2 brands into this incredible, evolving, new space and we are proud to be their partner.”

Quentin Reyes, Managing Director of Alpha Praetorian Capital “Absolute Labs is poised to address a critical need in the market with their groundbreaking Web3 CRM software. With the rise of decentralized communities, businesses are in dire need of a comprehensive solution that can effectively manage their marketing and community needs. Absolute Labs has the vision and expertise to deliver on this promise, and we’re thrilled to support their efforts to revolutionize the way companies engage with their customers.”


What do you have to say?

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