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It’s a blockbuster day for the future of commerce! Absolute Labs, the leading Web3 CRM and marketing automation platform, announced at NFT Paris 2024 a strategic partnership with Pay – the cryptocurrency payment and checkout solution from that facilitates seamless transactions between merchants and millions of consumers with crypto wallets. With this partnership, merchants and their marketers have an unrivaled opportunity to eliminate the friction of identifying and engaging consumers with crypto wallets, while empowering them to implement novel Web3 marketing strategies, enhance their value proposition, and grow revenue.

Why is this such a big deal? Let’s break it down.

Right now, there are more than 700 million active crypto wallets with a lot of value stored in them. What merchant with an online or physical-store wouldn’t want to tap into that buying power? 

To do that, merchants need a solution for accepting crypto payments … and then a means of identifying among wallet holders their best prospects for their products and services, as well as a strategic solution for building campaigns to engage and convert them. In short, they need Pay paired with the Absolute Labs Web3 CRM and marketing automation platform (or, as we call it, Wallet Relationship Management™ platform).

With Pay, merchants and consumers have a better, faster, and inexpensive  payment solution. Pay allows merchants to receive cryptocurrencies from a growing global user base of users with zero transaction fees. This off-chain service is real time and accessible to all App users around the world.

A simple, single, seamless solution.

With the Absolute Labs’ Web3 marketing platform, brands/merchants can reach more than 700 million crypto wallets worldwide while also adding customer analytics, segmentation, and marketing automation to target and engage those wallets. They can connect their existing customer data (“web2 data”) to consumers who connect their Web3 wallets and provide their consent – adding a valuable new layer of customer insight to the mix. And it provides a means of  creating new ways to acquire and engage customers, and as well as novel strategies for connecting with customers online and at the store.

“Partnering with Pay is an exciting and essential component of our strategy, which is to provide commerce/eCommerce brands with a single integration for more simply, quickly and effectively leveraging Web3 to drive revenue,” says Samir Addamine, CEO, Absolute Labs. “Our Web3 marketing platform sits between the crypto checkout layer – covered by Pay or a range of wallet as a service providers (WaaS) – and the merchant’s own points of engagement, including website, app, physical store locations, rewards program and more.”

The scenario that Samir describes looks something like this:

Solutions such as Pay and the burgeoning Wallet as a Service (WaaS) sector provide consumers with a simple and seamless means of onboarding to Web3 and using wallet assets to make common transactions such as a purchase online or at a store. The Absolute Labs Web3 marketing ecosystem gives brands and merchants the ability to better understand who those wallet-holding consumers are, identify their best prospects, and automate their engagement with those consumers – whether it is directly in wallet, to connected email accounts, or popular social platforms like X or Discord.

It’s important to note that a solution like this can operate as a stand alone “stack” or easily integrate with an existing Web2 stack to create omnichannel campaigns.

 Benefits of the combined offering include:

  • Acquire new customers with crypto buying power
  • Identify and target potential customers: Absolute Labs’ Web3 marketing platform extends reach to more than 700 million crypto wallets worldwide while adding customer analytics, segmentation, and marketing automation to target and engage those wallets; helps brands target its 80 million+ customers through dedicated campaigns
  • Activate wallet-holders both in-store and online:  extend offers, incentives, and rewards to prospects and customers where and when they will have the most impact
  • Fiat Currency Settlement: Pay enables seamless settlement of cryptocurrency transactions directly into fiat currency, providing merchants peace of mind

The announcement of our partnership with comes on the heels of other exciting news at the company, including partnering with Google Cloud and being listed on the Google Cloud Marketplace and announcement of the availability of our Wallet Tracker, for identifying visitors to your website or app who have Web3 wallets.

Ready to add wallet-based marketing to your brand strategy? Click here to schedule a demo or get more information!

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