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Web3 Marketing & CRM, Unlocking the Secrets of Web3 CRM with Samir Addamine: A Must-Watch Crypto 101 Episode

Ever pondered the difference between traditional CRM systems like Salesforce and the emerging world of Web3 CRM? Look no further. Our very own Samir Addamine, Co-Founder and CEO of Absolute Labs, recently sat down with Crypto 101 for an in-depth conversation that is sure to answer your queries.

Web3 is more than just a trend; it’s the next phase of the internet. With the shift towards decentralization, businesses must rethink CRM practices. During the podcast, Samir shares how Absolute Labs is at the forefront of this transformation, crafting innovative strategies for meaningful brand experiences in the Web3 space.

Key highlights include the allure of NFTs for luxury brands like LVMH, showcasing the potential for brands to interact with communities in unprecedented ways. Add to that the blending of AI, and we’re witnessing a revolution in targeted marketing strategies.

The San Francisco tech scene, as Samir portrays, is brimming with promise, especially at the juncture of Web3 and AI startups. This confluence signals revolutionary tech advancements on the horizon.

For startups and budding crypto enthusiasts, Samir offers invaluable advice: the significance of focusing on one customer problem and its repeatability. A powerful reminder of the core essence of entrepreneurial success in a rapidly evolving market.

Rather than just reading about it, we recommend diving into the episode firsthand. Watch the complete episode on Youtube for an enriching understanding of CRM’s future, as Web3 and digital innovations converge.

Keen to explore more? For more on how Absolute Labs is driving change in the CRM space, ask for a demo and discover how we’re defining the future of customer relationship management.

Crypto 101 is “a podcast, YouTube channel & community of Cryptocurrency Crusaders on a mission to bring cryptocurrencies & blockchain technology to the mainstream.”

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