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Episode 49 of the Public Key podcast is here! In this episode, we talk with two marketing tech entrepreneurs, Antony Gardez (CPTO and Co-Founder, Absolute Labs) and Samir Addamine (CEO and Co-Founder, Absolute Labs), about the web3 marketing solutions that are needed for brands in web3.

You can listen or subscribe now on Spotify, Apple, or Audible. Keep reading for a full preview of episode 49.

Public Key Episode 49 preview: Brands are using on-chain activity for marketing tactics and initiatives

Collecting emails and phone numbers for marketing initiatives seems a little outdated and CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce are unable to take advantage of the power of on-chain data and insights, which has everyone wondering, what does web3 marketing look like?

In this episode, Ian Andrews (Chief Marketing Officer, Chainalysis) looks to answer this question by sitting down with marketing tech co-founders Antony Gardez (CPTO) and Samir Addamine (CEO) of Absolute Labs to understand what Wallet Relationship Management (WRM) is and how it’s taking over web3 and crypto marketing.

They discuss how big brands like LVMH and Samsung are looking to onboard millions of their customers into web3 and what are some of the challenges with the current digital marketing platforms and CRMs in a more decentralized environment where privacy and anonymity are priorities.

Quote of the episode

If you are in web3, you have 420 million addresses out there on the blockchain, and that is just Ethereum and Polygon, for which you know everything. So you have leads, and you can start qualifying from the get-go. What web3 is, is in a realm that does not exist for Salesforce and HubSpot and other CRMs; they have no way of looking into and storing on-chain activity.

Antony Gardez CPTO and Co-Founder, Absolute Labs

Minute-by-minute episode breakdown

  • (2:15) – What is Wallet Relationship Management (WRM), and how does it work?
  • (4:35) – How an internship turned into a marketing tech juggernaut in Absolute Labs
  • (11:45) – What are the biggest gaps in web2 marketing strategies that WRM and web3 platforms solve for?
  • (17:00) – How does a web3 marketing tech company attract top web2 brands like LVMH, and what is motivating them to enter web3
  • (26:01) – What are the capabilities of the Absolute Labs product, and where does the partnership with Chainalysis take the company in the future?
  • (34:15) – Understanding what part privacy and GDPR regulation play in web3 marketing
  • (37:25) – What excites the Absolute Labs team the most about other web3 projects

Speakers on today’s episode

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